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Sand In Your Eyes

Sand In Your Eyes started out as one of my four track home recordings when I was still in Leeds way before I came to NY. I had a project that was solely me alone which I referred to as ‘Kipperstone’. No idea why I chose to call it that. Never performed live but was a great source of material for the band once in full flow. Can’t remember if we’d tried to do Sand In Your Eyes for the Resident Alien sessions. Nevertheless, it was recorded in the barn at Bearsville on our second trip there in and around ’98. I’d spent some time off prior to that after the immense tour of the world around Resident Alien in the French countryside. I’d returned feeling restored and quite spiritually fit. Was happy to be working with Bryce again. As for recording it, Jonny came up with a killer groove and I fit the song around it with me at the piano. Think the basic structure was formed by the two of us. From there a series of overdubs starting with the repetitive bass. I know I played quite a lot of it including the funky guitar, piano, tambourine and the mellotron strings which somehow materialized on that album much to my delight. The Spaghetti western backing vocals were Ant and I multitracked. Can’t really remember singing it other than it was in the barn most likely mid-afternoon. – Royston

Sand In Your Eyes - Spacehog

Resident Alien: 20 Years

Spacehog Resident Alien Bearsville NY

20 years ago this weekend we released our biggest record to date: Resident Alien.

The album was recorded in a barn in Bearsville, NY in the summer of ’95. It was a magical time, full of hope, creativity and fun. Freshly signed to Sire Records and under the stewardship of super manager David Sonenberg, we banged it out in four weeks, mixing at RPM in New York City.

There was a distinct sense of possibility, particularly around “In The Meantime”, the song that propelled the album to platinum status. We are still so grateful to our fans and friends generosity over the years, in keeping the record alive. Very proud to have made a dent in rock history.

Pic: Bearsville Studio, Left to Right:
Bryce Goggin (producer), Todd Voss (engineer), Jonny Cragg, Antony Langdon, Richard Steel, Royston Langdon. 1995


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