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As It Is On Earth

I am thrilled to be able to share with you the news of our upcoming release ‘As It Is On Earth’. As the accompanying video explains it has been a lengthy process and thus makes this news ever the sweeter.

The record is a testament to our journey through the struggle and change of the past decade. The triumphant news is we made it, and in more ways than one. I am so excited at the prospect of being able to continue as a band for a long time and to be able to continue to bring our music to you.

Along with PledgeMusic and in partnership with The David Lynch Foundation, we now ask for your help promoting, touring and completing the release surrounding ‘As It Is On Earth’. The music industry has changed so much for us since the heady days of Resident Alien. And I wonder if indeed we could make that record today in this present climate of confusion? It pains me to think that young bands now may not be afforded the opportunities that I was, robbing us all of the musical connection on which we all relate in some way or another.

By making a pledge here, great or small, you are entering the next phase of our journey along with us. In essence a more direct connection for me to you and you to me. This has always been at the very core of my desire to be heard as a musician and human being. So in many ways this is truly the beginning of something wonderful.

I look forward to this path and hope it will be all encompassing for us all.

Royston Langdon Jan ’13 NYC

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